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Clear Aligners

Who Benefits from Clear Aligners?

Aligners are designed to treat mild to moderate orthodontic problems, which means the majority of people who could benefit from braces could also benefit from aligners. In general, it is best for adults and responsible teens who can handle the fact that they must change their aligners weekly and need to remember to put them back in after eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. For those who are concerned about the appearance of braces, there is no better option than aligners. However, Dr. Mathrani must determine if it is right for you.

To help you decide if Clear Aligners interest you, here are some key facts.

  • The Basics: You change aligners every week, moving the teeth more and more each time until the teeth are in place. We will see you approximately every 8 weeks to check your progress.
  • The Looks: With Clear Aligners, no one can see that you are in treatment. This means that you won’t see any negative effects in professional environments, when playing sports, or when playing instruments
  • The Convenience: With braces, you need to change your diet and relearn how to brush and floss to accommodate the appliance. With Clear Aligners, you just remove the aligners during these activities, then replace them when done.
  • The Comfort: Aligners are made from smooth, medical-grade plastic, which means they do not irritate the mouth. You will find them to be significantly more comfortable than metal braces.
  • The Speed: Your aligner treatment can be expedited by using Vpro5, a device that uses high-frequency vibrations to help your aligners fit better against your teeth. Just 5 minutes of use per day leads to 50% faster treatment, greater comfort, fewer appointments, and even better results.

If you are ready to find out if Clear Aligners are right for you, contact our office today.

Clear Aligners

How it Works

Using modern 3-D imaging technology, a custom set of aligners is made for you. Every 1-2 weeks, you switch to a new aligner. As you switch aligners, your teeth gradually and comfortably shift, resulting in a beautiful smile. We check our patients every 8-10 weeks. However, actual treatment times will depend on your particular case.


One of the most obvious benefits of the Clear Aligners system is simply the aesthetics. With the Clear Aligners, your orthodontic process will be virtually invisible to those around you. With this system patients are able to remove their aligners to brush and floss eliminating the risk of any staining after treatment. Patients must wear their aligners 20-22 hours/day to achieve the desired results.

Time Efficient

With aligner treatment fewer appointments are required, and generally your appointment time should be shorter. Appointments are scheduled every 8-10 weeks. At your consultation appointment, we will let you know how long your treatment will take before you decide to get started. One way to shorten treatment time is by using the Vpro5 device. This portable, hands-free device can decrease your orthodontic treatment time by as much as 50% by using it only 5 minutes a day! It allows you to progress through your aligners faster and change them every 4-5 days, and improves the fit of your aligners. Be sure to ask us about this at your consultation!


With Clear Aligners, there are no brackets or wires to cause irritation. That is why Clear Aligners are the treatment of choice for a number of our adult patients at Spring Orthodontics. Because of Dr. Mathrani’s experience with the Invisalign system, we know just how to polish and smooth the Invisalign trays for maximum comfort. Dr. Mathrani can also control the movement of the teeth with Invisalign, making sure that each patient has a comfortable and easy experience with the Invisalign system.

"Wonderful experience at Spring Orthodontics, and so impressed with Dr. Mathrani and Debbie, the treatment coordinator. From the personalized welcome message, to the full tour of their great space and technology, to their friendly and approachable demeanor, my child was completely at ease. As a mom, I appreciated that Dr. Mathrani provided a thoughtful and customized assessment — not a recommendation that was about profits. If you are looking for an orthodontic consultation, don’t hesitate, go to Spring!"

- Laura S.
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"We have had exceptional experience with Spring Orthodontics. You will find a welcoming staff that is calm, caring and professional. Their office is very clean and modern. In addition to a fantastic location, scheduling is a breeze!"

- Elizabeth E.
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"I just started wearing Invisalign, and I could not ask for a better orthodontist than Dr. Mathrani. I had a ton of questions and concerns about the whole process, and she patiently answered all of my questions and gave me a lot of information to help me. Dr. Mathrani is very professional, and also has such a warm and inviting personality that makes the whole experience much more enjoyable."

- Sean K.
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"I have nothing but great things to say about this office. As someone, in my 30s, who was very nervous going into invisalign treatment, I can honestly say I wish I found Dr. Mathrani sooner. From consult, my initial scan (Yay! no gross molds), IPR , to receiving my trays , I can't be any more pleased with my experience."

- Melanie B.
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"Our experience at Spring Orthodontics has been amazing! My 6 year old daughter had a severe overbite due to thumb sucking and I was referred to Dr Ro by our dentist. Dr Ro placed a device in my daughters mouth that had her overbite significantly reduced and broke the thumb sucking habit within 8 weeks! I am truly amazed by the results! Dr Ro was so great with my daughter and every visit has been a great experience- my daughter actually looks forward to going to the orthodontist! This place is a gem in Western..."

- Renee R.
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"Our family could not be happier with Dr. Ro and her practice! From the moment we walked in for our first consult, we knew we made the right choice! Dr. Ro is the best - very knowledgeable, super kind and so great with our girls! They truly love going in to see her for their visits! We highly recommend Dr. Ro (and Debbie too!) "

- Amanda G.
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