Getting started at Spring Orthodontics
is made easy by….

Getting started at Spring Orthodontics is made easy by our affordable, no interest, custom payments plans! From your complimentary exam, to our low down and monthly payment options, you will be at ease knowing that you and your child receive the finest orthodontic care all at an affordable price. We accept almost all insurances, and will work with you to maximize your insurance reimbursement for covered procedures and submit claims on your behalf. Schedule your free exam today to learn more about our financing and your unique treatment plan!



Easy Flexible Financing

Getting your dream smile shouldn’t break the bank! At Braces by Dr. Poidmore we offer extremely flexible payment plans, including $99/month for braces OR Invisalign! Yes – braces or Invisalign!
Even without insurance coverage you can afford to get the smile of your dreams by paying $99/month at our top-rated practices. We believe that everyone should be able to afford orthodontic care without sacrificing quality, which is why we are committed to offering the right monthly payment to fit every family’s budget.
All of our payment plans are financed in-house, and we accept all payment methods, including HSA’s and FSA’s. You can even reward yourself with airline miles or points earned by using your favorite credit card!



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Along with our low monthly payment options, we make getting started affordable by offering low down payments. We know that every family’s budget is different, and offer down payments as low as $250.
We also offer a Pay in Full Discount! If you prefer to pay in full, or make a large down payment you will receive a discounted treatment price. Ask your Treatment Coordinator to show you your discount during your free exam!
We have built our reputation not only on our top-tier orthodontic care, but also by delivering it in a budget-friendly way. Schedule your free exam today to build your unique payment plan!

Your First Visit

Exams are always free at Spring Orthodontics! During your exam, we will take complimentary diagnostic x-rays and photos, and Dr. Mathrani will discuss your treatment options. You will get to meet our staff who genuinely cares about each of our patients and truly enjoys being a part of their lives. Our Treatment Coordinator will help you build your custom, flexible payment plan to best suit your family’s needs! We will have your insurance verified before your exam to take full advantage of your time in the office – we know your time is valuable and offer same day braces or Invisalign! Schedule your free exam and get your smile on!

Getting your braces

Congratulations – you’re ready to get your smile on! Whether starting treatment directly after your exam, or scheduling a future appointment, our amazing team will make sure you are relaxed and as comfortable as possible. This appointment usually takes one hour, during which time Dr. Mathrani and our team will answer all of your questions and prepare you for life with braces or Invisalign! You will receive a home care kit along with our tips and tricks for a smooth transition into orthodontic treatment. We will then schedule your first routine visit, and you are on your way to a new smile!


  • The American Association of Orthodontists recommends seeing an orthodontist by age 7
  • This is an ideal age for correction because the first permanent molars have typically come in by this time
  • Crossbites, crowding, and other major problems can be addressed before they worsen
  • Early treatment can radically simplify (and in some cases do away with altogether) later treatment
  • If no treatment is needed yet, you will be a part of our free Kid’s Club which will monitor your child’s growth

Kids Club

If your child is not ready for treatment, they will become a part of our Kid’s Club! As a part of our free growth and development monitoring program you will receive free exams every six to nine months, and diagnostic x-rays and photos as needed. It is important to keep your observation appointments – we want to see your smiling faces regularly! We will also help educate you and your child on how to have great hygiene with brushing and flossing techniques. You can rest assured knowing your little one is in great care by attending their orthodontic observation check, and regular dental appointments!

What People are Saying About Spring Orthodontics

Dr. Rohini was suggested to me by a friend, so I was already expecting excellent service. I was happily surprised when she even exceeded that! Not only she is extremely professional and precise, but you can also see in all her actions and wording, she really enjoys her job and cares a lot for her patients.

- Handri G

I was Dr. Mathrani's patient for 1.5 years. She corrected my cross-bite well ahead of schedule. Afterwards, she accommodated all my requests to make small tweaks to my teeth. I'm very happy with the results.

- Robbie Y

Dr. Mathrani is excellent at what she does. She's very thorough and will keep you well-informed about everything.

- Raven M

I just started wearing Invisalign, and I could not ask for a better orthodontist than Dr. Mathrani. I had a ton of questions and concerns about the whole process, and she patiently answered all of my questions and gave me a lot of information to help me. Dr. Mathrani is very professional, and also has such a warm and inviting personality that makes the whole experience much more enjoyable.

- Sean K

I cannot recommend Dr. Mathrani enough. I was her patient for about 2 years, during which she supervised my orthodontic treatment. I had overjet teeth so Invisalign was not an option. I was not sure about braces because I thought it would be a long and painful process. However, Dr. Mathrani ensured that it was the exact opposite. She made sure that I got the best results with minimal hassle. She is very thorough and shares all possible options with you without being pushy or selective.

- Armineh

Dr. Mathrani was everything I could ask for in an orthodontist. She was overwhelmingly kind and helped me out with all of my questions. She answered in detail all the questions I had regarding my treatment. Not only that, but she did a great job of making me feel comfortable and fulfilled all my needs. Because of her fantastic help, I left without having any doubts, questions, or concerns. I had an amazing experience, and I will definitely be returning.

- Victoria